Great non-weekend

Although my weekend was spent working, I made up for it by having some fun this week. After taking care of a bunch of paperwork for my upcoming conference, Grackle and I went to go see a band. I've wanted to see them for years as they are one of my favorites but it just never happened because they are always sold out. Well, the Grackle finally called in the big favor and got us tickets to the show as he used to live with the drummer. They hadn't seen each other in 15 years, but it was like only days had passed.
It was a great show...followed by an awkward afterparty...which we left to go to a basement bar... where I drank lots of fantastic tequila...resulting in a whole lot of dancing....next thing we knew it was 3am. I really enjoy knowing that people in hip bands are no better dancers than scientists!
The following day, we nursed hangovers and did a bunch of touristy things in Postdoc City . It was so relaxing to just hang out with Grackle and not think about the lab.

Of course, that was when I got the text message from my PI......


Bad idea

This morning, as I was grinding coffee beans, I got fed up with my extra shaggy, eye-covering bangs. I decided I must cut them. That. Very. Moment. 

It worked out well except for the big section I missed that ended up being an inch longer than the rest of my bangs. It was fine. The section was sort of on the side and blended in to the rest of my hair. Plus, the only lab member who would hassle me about it is on vacation this week. 
It drove me nuts all day though! 
Now, I want to fix them but I already drank a glass of wine. I guess I should wait till tomorrow morning. Post coffee.