Duck! Here come more bullets!

Just time for a quick update!
  • The last project from my time doing my MS (data collected Summer 2004) got accepted for publication this week! Yippee! It was a long struggle with horrible reviews along the way and 3 (I think, can't remember...maybe only 2) submissions. 
  • I am supposed to defend 2 weeks from today. 
  • 2 freakin' weeks!
  • I am going to try on my defense outfit today. If it doesn't fit, I am buying this.
  • It might not fit. I have given up time to workout and have instead focused my stress relief efforts on eating lots of cheese and ice cream. And cookies. And breakfast sandwiches.
  • Have an appointment on Wednesday to give a draft to the dean. The committee needs it by next Friday or sooner. I am really appreciating that they are honest about the fact that they won't read it till right before the defense anyway.
  • I'm trying to finish the 3rd chapter still....am planning on sending everything but the discussion to my advisor today.
  • If I get that far, I am going to a dinner at my advisor's house for an invited speaker/ ex-student. Free food is a good motivator...must get back to work now...


Amanda said...

I think you should buy that dress either way! It'd definitely be good for the defense.

ScienceGirl said...

Congrats on the manuscript!

And the 2 weeks thing? You can do it!!!

Belle said...

Two weeks is great; too quick to develop an ulcer, enough time to get the clothes done, shuffle the paperwork.

Great news - congratulations! Does this mean you walk in December?

Albatross said...

Amanda- I just might. I would wear it all the time.

Sciencegirl- Thanks! The extra support is helping me push through at this point =)

Belle- I didn't think about it that way but so true! My degree will say January but my school is so small that we only have one ceremony in May. I will come back for the hooding and skip the graduation.

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Good luck! You can do it!!

And cute dress! I don't own a single dress anymore. I have such a hard time finding one that doesn't look strange on me.