Bad idea

This morning, as I was grinding coffee beans, I got fed up with my extra shaggy, eye-covering bangs. I decided I must cut them. That. Very. Moment. 

It worked out well except for the big section I missed that ended up being an inch longer than the rest of my bangs. It was fine. The section was sort of on the side and blended in to the rest of my hair. Plus, the only lab member who would hassle me about it is on vacation this week. 
It drove me nuts all day though! 
Now, I want to fix them but I already drank a glass of wine. I guess I should wait till tomorrow morning. Post coffee.


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

In my household it's a rule that I don't make decisions until after coffee :-) Otherwise I end up deciding that I really don't need the hair in my pony tail or some other (much worse) thing!

Psych Post Doc said...

wow, that is brave. Yes wait until the after the coffee tomorrow for the fix.

Albatross said...

I did things in the proper order this morning and my hair looks much better =)
Of course, I saw my PI for the first time in a month yesterday as well with my ridiculous extra long piece. She couldn't believe I had let them get as long as the one remaining piece was =)