Writing Month returns!

That's right it is InaDWriMo 2009! Last year was pretty awesome and it helped me graduate in time to start my pretty, pretty postdoc.

This year, I am going to
1) write a fellowship proposal- Due Dec. 1. and is 10 or so pages.
2) revise chapter 1 of my dissertation for publication- yikes! After writing it last year it is still not out. Been submitted and rejected once. Gotta get this baby out again this month!
3) revise chapter 2 of my dissertation for publication- Needs a few things- a new graph, an new spin and some references. Should be a gimmie!
4) write first major postdoc paper- I am working on analyses right now but that shouldn't keep me from getting the methods, and intro done!
5) write small grant- this will be very similar to the fellowship proposal so shouldn't be too big a thing

Even though it is the 3rd, I haven't done much. A page of #4. Hopefully I will rock some of this out the rest of this week!


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

Consider this me cheering you on! And that's quite a list to get done this month. Good luck!

Albatross said...

Thanks! The cheering is appreciated =) It seems pretty overwhelming at this point...

Sneks said...

And don't forget the revisions on the "paper with too many authors" that our fearless advisor sent to you! :)

I really need you to come back and visit and sit at Panera with me so that I can get all of my InaDWriMo writing done too!!

Good luck!