Scary key lady

This week I have been getting things set for the next phase of my academic life and tying up ends at my current institution. Luckily, Grackle will still be here if I miss anything. Some of these little things are fun. It is very exciting to renew all my society memberships and put my new information on them! 
Other tasks I am dreading. Cleaning out my office is sloooooow going. Plus, with the holiday, I have to turn my keys in tomorrow. This is the worst task of all. The key lady is a miserable, old woman who seems to have no joy in life except making others suffer. She ignores you when you walk in, takes forever to check information and always lectures you about something. One time, after I spilled something, she yelled at me for taking paper towels out of the bathroom near her office. If you don't have your ID number....well, watch out!
There is just no possible way that my key-turn-in will go smoothly. I will be very lucky if I get my 2 dollar deposit back. This is my own fault though. When I started, I put lab tape on my keys to ID them and now, 5 years later, the lab tape is still there and it is not coming off. Even if the tape comes off- the gluey residue will not please the key lady. 
I'm going to try some acetone tonight but any other suggestions for removing old lab tape? 
I really don't want to get yelled at (and could use my 2 dollars)!!

UPDATE: I skipped the acetone (just did my nails) and scrubbed away (ok, grackle did it for me). It was clean enough and I got my money back. After perusing my file, she told me that I had returned all 10 keys I had over the years and was in her good favor. Who knew? 


Psych Post Doc said...

Why is the key lady always mean? I will never understand that. All of the other admins at my grad school were incredibly nice, key lady = devil.

Seeking Solace said...

"I want my $2.00!" Sorry, I was just thinking of Better Off Dead.

I have worked with people like that. Just be very nice to her. Play dunb if necessary. You'll get your two dollars.

EthidiumBromide said...

Peanut butter. I know it sounds crazy, but there is something about the oils and fat in peanut butter that are really good at dissolving sticky stuff. Put a glob on, leave it there for a while to work some magic, and wipe off. Also works wonders for the stupid price tags they always stick on the glass of photo frames.

BlogStalker said...

leave the tape....sacrifice the 2 dollars...I know the key lady, and she will be mean no matter what.

botanybabe said...

your blog seriously cracked me up! sounds like something from a movie.

Albatross said...

Psych Postdoc- it has to be a power issue thing. Keys rule everything!

EtBr- Really? I would never guess! I left home before checking comments but am totally trying that on frames!

Seeking Solace- I think playing dumb would work really well!

BlogStalker- it is like my last final challenge...I can't let her win!

botanybabe- I wish it were a movie!