Conference time

I am headed to this years Big International Conference this week. We are leaving at 4 am tomorrow to drive to ConferenceTown in time for the first speakers. Which means I have to be dressed and presentable to important people before I even leave my house. Places that sell coffee aren't even OPEN that early!

This is the biggest conference in my subfield and I am really hoping to do some postdoc related networking. The two people I have spoken to about working with (one in and one out of my preferred geographic area) will both be there and have been in contact recently. I really dropped the ball though and didn't pre-conference contact any other potential PIs. It just didn't happen, so instead I am relying on impromptu networking skills: a keen eye and ability to approach when isolated during coffee breaks, or at least the ability to stand around awkwardly until someone finishes a conversation and realizes that you exist and look like you want to talk to them. Heh.

In less nerve wracking networking- there is a woman who I met at my (and her) first conference 5 years ago. She has done really well, with great pubs and a high-powered, international postdoc. I am really excited to meet up with her and catch up. Plus, my first blogger meet-up! Yay!

I'm going to be busy until we leave at the crack of pre-dawn....
To do:
Finish talk
Practice talk
Do a voodoo dance to ensure that videos in presentation will work
Upload talk (6 pages of instructions on how to do this. hope I can figure it out)
Go to Target
Buy detergent/fabric softener/assorted other things (I <3>
Iron clothes
Have nice dinner with the Grackle
Do nails
Re-read recent/relevant literature


Amanda said...

Good luck with all that! 4am! Yikes!

Mad Hatter said...

Ooh...a blogger meet-up sounds like fun! Hope you'll post about it.