Back to reality

Thanks to a neighbor with an unprotected wireless network and the Grackle's old, but functional laptop I am back! I moved and start my postdoc tomorrow. More on those later. More pressing is where I've been.

After our holiday trip to the Midwest, we jetted off to a lovely Caribbean island for vacation. VACATION! No work*, no futons, no standing commitments. I haven't been on such a trip since my last graduation and Grackle and I have never taken this type of trip together in 5+ years. Given the lack of work, family and the tropical nature of it, this might have been our honeymoon. We didn't plan it that way, but that is how folks at school interpreted it.
It was fabulous.
7 days of snorkeling, great beaches, hiking in the rain forest, kayaking, exploring an old city, good food and lots of rum. Fa-bu-lous. As a younger grad student, I balked at a labmate who took vacations at least once a year. Think of the missed experiments! The data! Now, I see why they did it. I doubt we will be able to take yearly trips, but hopefully it will not be 5 years till our next adventure. At least one long weekend away to a new, not necessarily far or exotic destination should be feasible for us and will be a good compromise between work and fun. The data will just have to wait**.
I'll add a few more later but for now, here is the only picture that would upload: Grackle on the beach.
*The only books Grackle brought were textbooks. While I worked my way through Middlesex he practically memorized all 3 of our island guidebooks.
**Alright, I say this now...let's see what I say when it is actually time to take another trip! I'm sure the exams, proposals, defenses, experiments and field seasons that have kept us from vacationing in the past will probably do so in the future....just..hopefully not as much...


EthidiumBromide said...

...drooling with jealousy. Sounds like you had an AWESOME trip.

Every year, I would spend a week in January with my family in Aruba, scuba diving. Except of course, I had to give that up four years ago when I started graduate school, so I could not collect data from my non-working experiments. Boo.

Once my husband moves away, I am no longer going to be a slave to the bench.. if he is able to take time off to go somewhere, I'm going too! I think I'd rather take an extra month or two to graduate than give up on fun opportunities with a husband I'll only see once or twice a month.

Laurie said...

Looks awesome! Glad you got a break.

EcoGeoFemme said...

That looks beautiful and sounds awesome. I think vacations are totally worth it.

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I'm a big believer in vacations now. I took an entire four days off over the holidays and I'm much happier now. So, I hope that your next vacation isn't too far away. And that beach looks gorgeous!

Psych Post Doc said...

Vacations are SO worth it. My husband and I try to take a real one each year (although we didn't last year).

Great picture, the beach looks amazing.

botanybabe said...

hey where did y'all go? i need details. i am always needing details. so i can keep a running list of places i can dream to visit! did y'all get a good deal? always looking for those too. bri and i wanted to take a vaca when he finished but interview costs (near 5 G's) and moving (maybe) will be killer. *sigh* always something.

Albatross said...

EtBr- I love diving but also gave it up when I started my PhD. Too expensive and not enough time to go anywhere cool. Keep that attitude about vacationing with your husband. Totally worth it.

Laurie- Thanks!

EGF- you are completely right.

Amanda- it is amazing what a little quality time can do.

PPD- That is great!

bb- We went to Puerto Rico. You need to join Facebook!

ScienceGirl said...

Oh wow! So glad you had a great time - here's to many more of those at least every other year (but every year would be nice, no? One can always dream!)