RBO Giving up.

    I apologize in advance for the infrequent, short posts and poorly written blurbs that will occur between now and November 11. That's the day I am set to hand the diss to the Dean and my committee. Today, we have bullets....
  • I actually started this bullet posting 3 days ago. Hardly, time for bullets even.... 
  • Nothing in life would be as satisfying as smashing office neighbors' speaker phone. I know more about his grant money, family vacation plans and general business than necessary. 
  • While my advisor writes random comments sometimes, he is awesome. So far, through 2  chapters, he has had a 24 hour turnaround for me. Awe-some!
  • Also awesome? The Grackle, who treated me to ice cream, pie, beer, pizza, and cookies all weekend. 
  • Luckily, I'm back into the gym using the treadmills to make up for all those treats! I run faster when I'm stressed out.
  • Also totally awesome? My Halloween costume. After much angst about sending Chapter 2 to my advisor last night, I worked on my costume. Finished it this morning and can't wait to wear it tonight! I'll post it here for a brief period of time.  
  • I applied for my degree today. I thought I might feel something about that but don't really. It's just paperwork.
Well, it is about time to turn Grackle into ZOMBIE Grackle for the evening. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! Are you (were you) dressed up as?


Anonymous said...

Went to work as a Harley Chick..... but I do that about once a month anyway.


Seeking Solace said...

If I was not sick this week, I was going to show up to my classes dressed as the Grim Reaper!