Writing and running

Posting has been light but I have good reason----check out the sidebar! In addition to starting a blogroll (it isn't complete, if you'd like to be added please let me know in the comments), I have updated my writing progress. Progress bars won't work this time because I have no goals....just have to keep writing till it seems complete!

Life hasn't been all work and no play though. A few weeks ago, my officemate/friend/running buddy, Flamingo, encouraged me to sign up for a race for women's cancers. It is a good cause and the grad team would pay half the entrance fee so I signed right up. Of course at the time, we were running regularly so she convinced me* that we could totally do the 5 MILE race instead of the 5k. The messiness of dealing with all my data crap kept me from running for a few weeks earlier this month, although I had a few decent runs at RTL. After returning, Flamingo and I had a couple more runs but any real semblance of training was shot by that point. 
The race was yesterday and we both went into it just hoping to run the whole thing, and finish closer to our 'easy' pace**. Of course, it was also not just 5 miles- we found out on Friday that it was actually 5.3 miles. Plus, all of a sudden it was cold! 
The race itself was fun- I'm glad I did the longer one, as it was not crowded while the 5k had almost 6,000 people. Flamingo and I finished within a minute of each other and ended up running close to our fastest training pace***. 

It would be really nice to continue running while I continue writing and finish. Running always helps me de-stress and I usually either work out some problematic thinking during the run or manage to completely shut work out of my brain altogether. It is one of the few things I have tried to make a priority but bad weather, shorter days and deadlines may be too difficult to keep it up. 

*She is currently under the idea that the 5 mile was my idea. It wasn't, I promise.
**We are pretty comfortable and chatty at 10:00 min/miles.
***I managed 9:16 min/mile.


ScienceGirl said...

Very cool! I too find running therapeutic, especially when I have a lot of writing to do. Good luck with the writing!

Belle said...

Running hurts my knees. But I laud you to the rooftops.

hypoglycemiagirl said...

running is awesome, I have to get back on track. But I'll miss the Normandy cliffs and the sea...

EcoGeoFemme said...

Good for you on all of it!

Albatross said...

Sciencegirl- how is the Nike+ treating you?

Belle- ooooo, knee problems are the worst.

HgGirl- From your pics, I can't imagine running somewhere so beautiful. Most of the time I'm on the X-Country course between a stadium and some corn fields.

EGF- Thanks!

ScienceGirl said...

Still love it: easy to set goals and easy to see how close I am getting to reaching them! Are you still considering getting it?

Laurie said...

Great job on the run! I am trying a new approach to make myself run 3x a week. I am trying to think that it is a non-negotiable, like I have to prep classes, grade, and work on my diss. I also just have to run. This is how I made myself (almost) not walk in my race. I just kept repeating to myself that walking was "not an option". I'll let you know if it works.

Albatross said...

SG- I would love too but haven't been in Nike shoes for 3-4 years now. Plus, between an old iPod and a shuffle, I'm not sure I could bring myself to buy the Nano as well.

Laurie- Thanks! Your plan sounds great. Once it is part of the routine, you do it automatically. My running suffers because this semester I have no routine at all..