EcoGeofemme was kind enough to interview me. 

  • You’ve mentioned that you are very tall.  What’s that like?  Name the best thing and the worst thing about it. 
  • I really enjoy being tall (I am 5 ft. 10.5 inches) and I have no issue wearing heels, as the Grackle stands a mighty 6 ft. 5 inches. The biggest perks are practical. Being able to reach high shelves and being able to see over other people at concerts. The worst part of it is when people in front of you on an airplane try to recline and finding pants that are long enough. I wish I could say something deeper about how my height has shaped (ha!) me as a person but while it describes me, it has never really defined me. It never really hindered me. I could still blend in when I wanted to and was fine dating shorter or at least, not much taller guys (Grackle was my first over 6 ft boyfriend). It didn't help me that much either-never facilitated a fabulous sports career or anything. While I did play volleyball in middle school, I was a setter! 

  • Is it harder or easier than you expected to be in a long distance relationship? 
  • This is a difficult question, so I am going to focus on the specifics of our current long distance situation vs. previous since the Grackle and I are in our third stint as a long distance couple*. I'm pretty sure you have to talk yourself into thinking it will be easy, otherwise no one would ever do it! This time it would be easier for a number of reasons: 1) We are closer (170 miles vs 3000 miles) so visits are more frequent. 2) My schedule is a bit more flexible. 3) We have more available technology (internet with video chat vs. no internet). 4)  We are in the same time zone. Now, whether or not it is actually easier- it is too soon to tell. Seeing Grackle with the cats on the video chat just fills me with happiness every time. On the other hand...new challenges  continue to blindside me and make me want to pack up and move home.   

  • Do you ever imagine doing a different kind of science?
  • Not really. I was crap at the only other sciences I took in college (Chemistry and Physics) and more importantly- wasn't inspired by them. Perhaps, I just didn't find the alternative science that would make me happy. I could conduct research in a related subfield but would never want to deviate too much. If I couldn't do my kind of science, I'd probably do something related to the application of or public outreach for my kind of science. 

  • What’s your best-ever Halloween costume?
  • Overall, I think the best Halloween costumes are homemade. My favorites would include a mermaid (198?) and Glenda the Good Witch (high school). Here are a couple recent favorites...
    Keiko the Killer Whale (2005) and made by my mom.
    Bee Girl from Blind Melon video (2008) made by me!
    • Suppose you are offered two jobs with equally interesting science/colleagues/prestige/etc.  One pays really well but is in a crappy location and the other has lousy pay but in a fabulous location.  There is a position for the Grackle at each of them. Which do you choose?    
    Well, I think we have managed to live pretty well as grad students and honestly, I am not really sure what we will spend 'real' salaries on!** Based on this, I would pick the fabulous location. We don't need a lot of stuff if as long as we are together- being in a great place is even an extra bonus! 

    If anyone wants me be interviewed- let me know in the comments!

    * Only six months after we started dating, I moved to PhD town and it was 8 months before Grackle joined me. We had another 8 month stint while I was doing field work and were married 5 months into that separation. 
    ** I lie. We'd go on vacations, get jeans without holes in them and probably more pets.


    Eugenie said...

    (Awesome peacock! )

    Being tall was always awkward for me (I got the "Do you play basketball?" comment ALL the time). My first boyfriend was super tall at 6'7" and it was awesome not having to worry about heels at prom! (Theo is taller then me by a few inches too)

    I LOVE the orca costume. I think I may have to get fancy next halloween! (I was once a tornado...)

    I'm glad to hear of someone having good luck with a distance relationship. Right now I'm 10 months into a distance relationship with Theo and it definitely sucks thinking that I still have yet one more year before I could potentially be in the same place as him. (Ugh)

    Well back to studying....

    Seeking Solace said...

    I love the orca costume.

    Please interview me. You can send the questions to seekingsolce.blog@gmail.com

    Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

    I love the Bee Girl costume. I always wanted to be tall, but unfortunately nature didn't see fit for me to grow.

    Albatross said...

    Eugenie- Thanks! How tall are you? LDRs do suck- but it is great to see how many of the women science blogggers are in or have survived them.

    SS- I'll send you an email soon!

    Amanda- Thanks! Strangely, I always wanted to be taller =)

    Eugenie said...

    I'm 5'9 (and been so since about 7-8th grade LOL). I mainly started the blogging thing to keep in touch with Theo.

    Albatross said...

    I was actually still short in 7th grade!
    Also started my first blog as a way to keep in touch with my mom. Now we just use facebook since I no longer post pictures.

    ScienceGirl said...

    I was always the shortest kid in class, but in my senior year managed to pull up to an average height (nowhere close to your height, but tall enough to be taller than half the kids who used to make fun of me for being short :)

    Love that bee costume! And the peacock!