We are officially underway!

This past weekend, I went on my first research trip with the new lab. It was me, Rt-H and a second year grad student on a 36 hour trip, 22 of those were spent driving. The others were pretty crappy sleep and hard labor. I've been on research trips with Rt-H before, and we get along great so it wasn't too bad. The grad student kept to herself, listening to her music most of the time. She will be the topic of another post this week. 

For me, this was practice for later in the month. I will be taking 2 grad students on a ten day long research trip into the deep South. We will be doing a lot of driving, physical work and camping. It is the first research trip of its kind for both of these students and only one of them has camping experience. Should be interesting! 
In addition to the firsts for them, it will be my first time really being in charge of more than myself. I've had field helpers in the past, but they were other grad student friends (and often my husband) or undergrads tagging along with professor friends of mine. The big difference is that I am responsible and really leading the trip. I guess this means I have to be on my best behavior, set a good example and say, for example, not try to scam 5 more minutes of sleep in the mornings. The increased responsibility goes not only for the day-to-day aspect of making sure things run smoothly and paying for stuff but also for the work. It isn't just my research and graduation date depending on my abilities this time. It is my PI and all the students in the lab who depend on this work. Having the pressure turned up is actually a pretty good motivator. I am more prepared for this trip than any other and am planning on kicking ass.


ScienceGirl said...

Yay for kicking ass! (and if you end up in my neck of the woods, holler!)

EcoGeoFemme said...


Field work is not my favorite thing, but I like it even less when I'm in charge. I admire you for grabbing it by the horns. Good luck!

Seeking Solace said...

You go girl. Kick some ass!!!

Albatross said...

SG- Thanks! Unfortunately, we won't be that far west this time.

EGF- I have yet to post about why I have to be in charge. It isn't really by choice that I am grabbing them horns!

SS- thanks!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

yay !kick ass and have fun too!

Mad Hatter said...

That sounds awesome...congrats! Hope you have a fantastic trip later this month. Sounds like the postdoc is going really well. Will try to catch up on your old posts and read about it soon!

Albatross said...

Thanks WS- We are planning to explore what Sr. Patrick's Day means in the South which should be fun!

MH- Things are going really well. Overwhelming, but overall pretty good! I am so glad you are back!