My demise

If the Grackle is upset about the prospects of my graduating and moving (not too far) away, he should just say so.
Instead, he is plotting my dissertation writing demise by signing up for a big fancy tv package. It is sports inspired, and it will actually be cheaper (and far more comfortable) than spending every Sunday at the sports bar eating nachos and watching our team.

Temptation, thy name is 250 channels.

Time to re-evaluate working from home. 

UPDATE: The equipment is actually incompatable with our 130 year old house. No new channels for us!


Eugenie said...

do you get the nat geo, animal planet, science and discovery channels?!

I'm stuck with basic and of the 20 channels we have we have doubles of every news station and some spanish channels.

Its killing not having something geeky to watch every now and then...business

Albatross said...

We get Animal Planet and Discovery now but will get all of them with the new system. I must admit- I am equally likely to watch those as bad reality tv.

Eugenie said...

Oh fun!

Btw I have no idea why the word "business" is tacked on to the end of my last comment. I don't think I wrote it...