Well, we made it to Midwest Hometown (I think I've called it about 4 different names. Need to pick one and stick with it). Our trip was eeeeh, not so good. The dog threw up. Twice. Before we even made it to the highway. There was traffic and it is H.O.T. out! I thought it was fall while the Grackle was worried about not bringing a jacket. Instead, it was 86 degrees for the 12 hour drive in the car without a/c. I'm wearing shorts for the trip back. 

The dress I bought didn't fit, but my BFF might wear it to the rehearsal dinner tonight. There was a different one I tried on 3 weeks ago but was just waaay to expensive. Well, it went on sale (60% off!) and I snatched it up. Yay! Pretty things!  

Back to the debate......


EcoGeoFemme said...

Sorry the trip sucked.

I like the new dress almost as much as the first one. They are both awesome. You'll look great. :)

Enjoy the wedding.

botanybabe said...

hey...i wanna see pics...myspace maybe?

PhyllisG said...

Next time you're looking for a dress, try http://www.gatheringguide.com/ec/bridal_shops_dresses.html. That's where I find all my favorites :)